Turn On Your Menopausal Superpowers!


Learn secrets to LEVERAGE hormonal changes to beat burnout and FULFILL your deepest needs, wants and dreams.


Sound familiar?

Are you stressed out from being the one who everyone counts on, at the expense of taking care of YOURSELF?

And, then on top of that, have you entered MENOPAUSE?!

Are you frustrated or even exhausted from the combination of relentless demands on the work or home front PLUS hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, exhaustion, or other menopausal symptoms?

Hot Flashes | Night Sweats

Anxiety | Overwhelm

Insomnia | Exhaustion

Does it feel like the timing of menopause couldn’t be worse, just as you are hitting your peak? Like it's some cruel joke?!

Do you feel that you can’t slow down because you are too busy juggling too many important responsibilities? And have too much at stake?

Do you feel burnt out? Worried?

Have you had enough of the menopausal symptom management "Whack-A-Mole” game?

What if you could LEVERAGE MENOPAUSAL CHANGES to transform your life and get YOUR needs, wants and dreams fulfilled?!

"There is no greater power

in the world than the ZEST of

a postmenopausal woman!"

Margaret Mead

The Turn On Your Menopausal Superpowers! (TM) Method provides you an integral framework to experience positive transformation, inspiration, and support during your menopausal and aging journey.

You will learn secrets to unleash the zest Ms. Mead was talking about, and enjoy greater peace, poise, passion, impact, and fulfillment!

7 Superpowers & 7 Secrets to

Turn YOURS On!

Turn On Your Menopausal Superpowers!


7 Superpowers & 7 Secrets

7-Week Program

Turn on Your Menopausal Superpowers! (TM) is a 7-week program that guides you through mindset and lifestyle secrets and essentials to positively transform your experience of menopausal and aging at the personal, relationship, and "big picture" level.

The program includes 1:1 coaching sessions, weekly live virtual group coaching sessions, recorded lessons, reflection exercises, and many special bonuses, to wrap you in support and encouragement during your experience.

By the end of Turn on Your Menopausal Superpowers! you will have a personal roadmap to fulfill your soul's unique needs, wants, dreams, destiny and legacy during your menopausal and post-menopausal transition.

After Turn on Your Menopausal Superpowers! you will NOT look at menopause the same way. You will be inspired by what is possible for YOU...and the world!

Group and corporate rates and packages are available.


Un. Precedented.

FACT 1: There are more women alive today who have started or finished menopause than EVER before in human history. Almost 1:8 people globally and over 1:6 Americans.

FACT 2: Modern western women are spending 1/3 of their life in post-menopause.

FACT 3: Women are coming through menopause with greater independence, education, sophistication, and relative youthfulness than EVER before in his/herstory.

We are a new social phenomenon with untapped possibilities.

Imagine if we turned on our Superpowers TOGETHER!

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Lil Glamben

Hi, I'm Lil Glamben, M.Ed. and I am on a mission to transform beliefs, experiences, and options around menopause, so women can connect with and fulfill our souls' deepest desires, dreams, and destinies during our midlife and beyond.

The Turn On Your Menopausal Superpowers! Method derives from 30+ years of experience in behavioral health consulting, academia, philanthropy, women’s empowerment, DEIB, personal/spiritual development, and caregiving. I am a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, one of the oldest U.S. women's colleges and a certified Empowerment Institute facilitator and coach. I am 61 years old, I "officially" menopaused 10+ years ago, and LOVE it!

How it all began....20 years ago

20 year ago, I received a beautiful and mysterious vision to "champion the power of women's Love."

I made a little headway to materialize the vision back then. Some doors opened, but mostly I seemed to "fail" and I "gave up."

20 years later, the vision has resurrected. And all I can tell you is that I needed "menopausal superpowers" to see the vision through!

Now I am sharing success tips and secrets from the journey with you.

Are you a big hearted go-getter with deferred dreams, or a vision buried in your heart, awaiting superpowers activation? Then, let's talk.

I would love to support you in coming through the menopausal rite of passage to fulfill your unique dreams, destiny and legacy.

Dear Woman,

Do you see how precious you are?

Your love, compassion, and dreams are beautiful and need to be treasured and honored.

Allow menopause to be your time to attune, align, and attract.

Then, imagine if we turned on our Superpowers TOGETHER!

Client Testimonials

I didn’t know that I had the answers until Lil asked the right questions. I didn’t know that I had so much power to get what I want until Lil helped me see my menopausal "superpowers" and gave me the secrets to turn them on. I am now on my way to living my dream for the next decade (or two or three!) of my life.

Amy C., retired journalist and horticultural therapist en formation

I can’t say enough about the Turn on Your Menopausal Superpowers Program! I learned that I have value, wisdom and beauty to not only share with the world but the world is hungry for the knowledge.

As a result of knowing my Menopausal Superpowers, I now understand that I can hear my own insightful intuitive nudges by sitting still and being quiet. I’m now able to make the rest of my life, the best of my life!

Thank you Lil Glamben!

Dr. Gigi S, MBA, PMP, Tapping with Dr. Gigi

Client Testimonials, cont.

"I am truly blessed to be part of the menopausal superpowers movement. Going through this program at MY pace allowed me to truly integrate what I really really want…and that is to operate from a place of EASE - “Ease in my life, relationships, work, well-being”… Everyday since I had my initial coaching session with Lil has transformed my life, making it EASY to incorporate the superpower menopausal principles.

This movement is contagious and I look forward to seeing what the universe has in store for the millions of other women who also turn on their super menopausal powers as well …. I am so grateful to be part of this connective and supportive program.

Lastly, words cannot begin to express how much I appreciate Lil as my superpowers coach. She is patient, attentive and a person one needs as one navigates this menopausal journey of opening oneself to apply powerful impactful changes to one’s wellbeing.

Nadine M., JD, attorney

Client Testimonials, cont.

What I especially appreciate about the Turn On Your Menopausal Superpowers! program is the coaching, both one-on-one and group. I really value the simple but transformative way of, as Lil puts it, "seeing slightly over the wall (obstacle)," to understand what you have the power to actualize in your life. It's made a tremendous difference in my life!

Bernetta P., MS, Educator | Consultant | Storyteller

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The Fivefold Phenomenon of Modern Menopause

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